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We endeavour to work for all types of client, from major businesses through to SMEs as well as individuals. We believe in friendly, experienced and excellent service. What our clients have to say is important, and you may find their comments interesting and informative. They are the best judges of our skills and our service levels, and we feel very proud to have such strong supporters.

We distinguish us from others, as is our way of working. We like to get to know our clients well and carry out much of the work in person, often face to face. Most of our clients have come to us through a personal recommendation, evidence of our reputation.

Also at Rain Gaskell whether it’s services for new or growing businesses, business support, strategic consultancy, business advice, corporate financial planning, taxation services or financial planning, we will exceed expectations in providing a first-class and cost-effective service.We are proud on our service, transparency and our personal touch. We do not provide advice to our clients unless it is thoroughly researched for each individual.

Last but not the least is that our focus is to help our clients grow and prosper.

Becoming a RAIN GASKELL client

  • Please contact the firm’s principal directly, or phone our office.
  • After the contact is made, we arrange an initial meeting to attain some basic information about you and your business and also to answer your initial queries.
  • If you already have an adviser, we will make arrangements to move to us. The transfer is usually very simple and we will write to your existing adviser to initiate it.
  • Once the above steps are complete, we will ask you to sign and return our engagement letter, which sets out our terms and conditions. We will also need to complete a few additional compliance procedures asking you to provide your proof of ID and proof of address covering money laundering and proof of identity.